Welcome to Copenhagen Float

Welcome to Copenhagen Float

your city-centre oasis for relaxation and recovery

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Employee well-being programme

Great news! Your company has joined our well-being programme giving you access to discounted floating, massage and infrared sauna purchased through your gross salary.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to hit the pause button, unwind and reset your body and mind in our beautiful float space.

If you’re new to floating, make sure to read about the benefits and visit our FAQ page for some practical tips!

What do we offer?

Partners doing something great for the health of their employees...

Prices & Savings

Prices & Savings

How does it work?

Please contact maria@cphfloat.dk if you have any questions.



Infrared Sauna

Pick & Mix Your Treatments

Pick & Mix Your Treatments

With our Premium packages we have deducted an additional 15%


6 x floating

6 per year
DKK 164 est. per month
  • 300kr per month before tax

12 x floating

12 per year
DKK 328 est. per month
  • 600kr before tax

18 x floating

18 per year
DKK 420 est. per month
  • 765kr before tax (normal price 900kr)


6 x massage

6 per year
DKK 188 est. per month
  • 345kr before tax

12 x massage

12 per year
DKK 377 est. per month
  • 690kr before tax

18 x massage

18 per year
DKK 490 est. per month
  • 890kr before tax (normal price 1035kr)


12 x sauna

12 per year
DKK 165 est. per month
  • 300kr before tax

12 x 2 pers. sauna

12 per year
DKK 220 est. per month
  • 400kr before tax

18 x sauna

18 per year
DKK 249 est. per month
  • 383kr before tax (normal price 450kr)

Here is an example!

This is Morten. Morten is a busy software developer, father of two and husband of Tina. His limited free time is spent with his family, playing basketball or having a cold craft beer with his friends. 

With all the pressures of a demanding job and everything else going on, Morten sometimes feels tired, run down and stressed. 

Fortunately Morten’s employer provides a well-being offer! Morten chooses to purchase 6 floats, 18 massages and 12 2-person sauna sessions (for the cold Winter months). 

His monthly cost before tax = 300+890+400 = 1590kr per month. This equates to approximately 874kr per month after tax – assuming a tax rate of 37% plus 8% “arbejdsmarkedsbidrag”.

Morten will save about 45% on these treatments, and up to 70% when he gets that promotion and starts to pay topskat!

Since Morten has chosen floating, massage and sauna, he is able to book our unique sauna & floating, or floating & massage “kombi” appointments. 

And he has all these treatments to use individually or together with his wife.

Place your order here

 Please write in the comment box if you would like to purchase more treatments or if you have any other questions. 

Terms & Conditions

Proven benefits of floating

Styrk dit helbred, muskel restitution


Mental sundhed, stress behandling


Copenhagen Float - Fordele ved Floating


Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, taking the body out of “fight or flight” mode which means:

Infrared Sauna

Step into the soothing warmth of our infrared sauna. As you settle in, the gentle heat envelops you, and the stresses of the day will melt away.

The proven benefits of sauna, such as improved circulation, detoxification and the release of endorphins, work their magic as you unwind. We promise you will feel calm and rejuvenated after a sauna session with us. 

All sauna sessions are 45 minutes and there is space for 1 or 2 people in this private room. You can listen to one of our specially-prepared playlists or connect with your own phone.

Read more about how infrared heat works, its benefits, and our frequently asked questions here.

infrarød sauna i København

New to floating?

Your visit start to finish

The water is only 30 cm deep, and contains 550 kg of epsom salt.

One of our trained float masters will guide you throughout your visit, to ensure you get the most optimal experience.

First you will take a shower, insert some ear plugs and step into the tank. Once comfortable inside, you can close the door, switch off the light and lie down.

You will find yourself floating effortlessly in the salt water. Relaxing music will play for the first minutes of your float, and at the end, to signal that the session is ending. This ensures a calm wakening, should you have fallen into a deep meditative state.

After your float, you will have plenty of time for a shower and some pampering. We will serve you tea and snacks in the lounge.

Floatation, Massage og Sauna Bookinger i København

Massage treatments

Our massage therapists are all trained in deep-tissue massage, and particularly experienced with neck & back pain, tension headaches, poor posture and pregnancy massage. We will be happy to speak to you about your needs and recommend a specific therapist.
All massages are 60 minutes and can be booked 7 days a week. Read more about our massage treatments here and our therapists here.
You can also come for a “kombi” with us. That comprises of a 60 minute float followed by a 60 minute massage….the ultimate relaxation experience that will help you get the most out of your float experience.
massage i københavn
En fantastisk første oplevelse med floating! Manden i receptionen var meget imødekommende og gav klare og letforståelige instruktioner om, hvad man skulle gøre og hvordan man skulle forberede sig. Derudover var der et dejligt udvalg af snacks til sidst! Jeg kommer helt sikkert igen, når jeg er tilbage i København!
Literally, the best place to unwind. I’ve been stressed and tired from work, but I can say that I’ve been better since discovering Copenhagen Float. Floating at CPHFLOAT has relieved my muscle pains and reduced my stress levels!
Jeg havde den bedste massage i årevis!! Damen var super sød, og jeg havde den bedste tid. Jeg føler mig afslappet, men også “fikset”. Studiet er meget hyggeligt, og jeg elskede snacksene bagefter. Hele personalet var meget imødekommende og venligt. Anbefales 100%! 🙂
Dejlig anden oplevelse hos Copenhagen Float. Deres opmærksomhed på detaljer er fantastisk. De får dig til at føle dig afslappet og velkommen fra det øjeblik, du træder ind. Vi gjorde den ene times floatingsession, der føltes som at træde ind i en dyb meditativ tilstand, og jeg følte mig forfrisket og meget afslappet ved slutningen af det. Kan varmt anbefales!
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If you have any questions, please get in touch.

We are more than happy to help!