Gross Salary Scheme

How is a “bruttolønsordning” calculated?

The best way to understand the savings on our gross salary scheme, is to compare your salary before and after purchasing your well-being package with us. The difference between them is the actual cost for you. 

The exact amount you save depends on your salary, the rate of income tax you pay, your personal “fradrag”etc. 

If you pay a higher percentage of income tax (the dreaded “topskat”), you will save even more by purchasing services in this way. 

Here’s an example!

In this example, the person has a monthly salary of 25.000kr.

They pay AM-bidrag of 8% and income tax at a rate of 36%. 

The difference between the salary paid out before and after purchasing a 1-klip membership is 387kr.

This example shows the maximum price you will end up paying. If you have a higher salary and pay a higher rate of income tax, you will save even more.