First time in a float tank!

Earlier today I spent my first ever hour in a float tank at Copenhagen Float in Rømersgade, and let me tell you: it was incredible and not at all how I had imagined it to be.

When I booked my appointment I knew very little of floating and all of its accompanying benefits. During the week leading up to my float, I did quite a bit of research. It seems that scientists, therapists, athletes, and floaters all agree that there are huge advantages to floating. Some of the things that I clung to when reading and hearing about floating was its effect on mental health. The reduction of conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression is rather impressive when looking into the science behind the therapy form, and along with it comes a reduction of joint- and muscle pains. So for a rather neurotic woman with chronic neck pains, this sounded too good to be true. But as you already figured out in the first sentence it really wasn’t.

Floatation tanks – More spacious than you'd imagine!

When I first saw the float tank I thought; will I fit in there? This was apparently just my megalomania speaking, since there was PLENTY of room in there. After a demonstration from a very thorough float master, it was apparent to me that I could go in and out of the tank as I pleased and that it was much larger, than I first estimated it to be.

When I went it the tank (for the second time after forgetting to put in my earplugs) I sat down, closed the door, and found myself bathed in colorful, calming light, peaceful ambient music, and of course salt water. When I tried to lie down, it went surprisingly well since all the Epsom salt in the water has the effect of pushing you up to the surface. I ended up not using the halo or neck support and focused on relaxing my head and neck. It was a bit tricky to begin with, but after a while, I succeeded and could relax easily.

Eoin Sullivan cph float
Simone Engbo Hansen copenhagen floating

Sensory Deprivation

During my float, after the music faded out and I turned off the lights, it felt like I was hovering in an enormous space. It was impossible for me to tell if my hands were in or above the water. Then I tried to lift my arms up, but they were SO heavy. So I gave up trying to pay all that attention to my body as I usually do, gave in to the experience, and just floated. This is doubtlessly the lightest I’ve ever felt and at the same time the heaviest.

I talked to one of my friends, who is a midwife, about my experience with floating. Her thoughts on it were very interesting (aaaand a bit out there), but made a lot of sense to me. She compared the floating tank to the womb, and argued that being somehow taken back to where you were created must feel very calming and instinctive. Spacey, I know, but I felt like there was some truth to it, considering how natural and safe it felt being in the tank.

Lighthearted and Hypersensitive

Suddenly, I heard music coming from somewhere which seemed miles away. Though the longer it played the more clear it became to me, that the music was coming from within the tank (indicating that my session was ending). The state of total relaxation I was in made me unable to locate the sound at first. I turned on the light and when I started blinking it felt blindingly bright. I had to close my eyes again and spend some time getting used to not being in complete darkness.

After getting ready to get up and leave the tank I went into the shower. Right now it seems funny to think about, but right then the sound of the pouring water seemed so loud. Again, I had to spend some time getting back into the reality I know where noise and bright lights are unavoidable parts. I never thought these aspects of everyday life to be something I was able to free myself from. Having that thought was mind-blowing to me; that here existed a space, where everything I have ever known and been used to just evaporated. The fact that it wasn’t frightening, but healing was surprising and somehow to be expected all at once.

The Best Nap You’ll Ever Have

You know the feeling of waking up from an epic afternoon nap? Multiply that by 100, and there you have the post-float feeling. Also, look at all these amazing products that are just free to use! They most definitely added to my feeling of wellness post-float.


When I walked out of the clinic, I felt very much at ease – both physically and mentally. The traffic, people, and heat didn’t bother me at all. It was a little bit like I was having an out of body experience, where I just looked at myself from afar, thinking, “How am I so calm and carefree?” I tried cracking my neck (which is something I do several times a day due to my neck pains) and it was so flexible and didn’t make a sound! I really felt elevated, and that feeling lasted until the next day!

There is no doubt; I will definitely float again. The sensation I felt in my mind and body after trying this therapy form is not to be compared to anything I have ever tried.