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Become one of our massage therapists

Are you an experienced massage therapist?

Join our team of dedicated and talented therapists

If you are a massage therapist and are looking for a job or some extra hours each week, we would love to hear from you! 

We provide massage treatments for our own clients as well as at company locations, and we are always looking for new therapists to join our team, as the demand for our services grows. 

If you offer other related treatments e.g. physiotherapy, reflexology, body therapy etc – that’s even better! We love to showcase the full range of our therapists’ skills!

Contact Lone on lone@cphfloat.dk to learn more and arrange a time to have a look at our space. 

all female team from Copenhagen Float

Who are we and what's it like having a job at Copenhagen Float?

We are an all-female team who are passionate about health and making people feel great! 

We are an international bunch, and about 50% of our clients are international too – that’s because floating therapy is more established abroad, so we have a lot of foreigners who need to get their regular float fix. 

We work with several local companies to provide floating, massage and sauna to their employees. So many of our massage clients suffer from neck, back and shoulder issues like tension, knots, poor posture, headaches and migraines, repetitive strain injury etc. Other clients come to us to help with muscle recovery after training, or simply just to relax. 

Our space is beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxed – an ideal environment when you’re on the job.

You will work together with our “float master”, and sometimes another massage therapist. Shifts are normally 4-5 treatments, with sufficient breaks in between for you to rest and eat. 

You can read more about our massage therapists here, and about our treatments here. 

Needless to say, we encourage you to use our floating and sauna facilities regularly, and to swap massage treatments with our other therapists, to ensure you are looking after your own body!