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At Copenhagen Float we offer a wide range of massages. From pain-relieving deep tissue massage to relaxing wellness massage.

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Quality massage in the center of Copenhagen

At Copenhagen Float, we take great pride in our customers getting the best massage in Copenhagen. We always want to meet our customers’ wishes, which in most cases are the desire for a stress-free and relaxing break, from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether you live a stressful life due to career, or a hectic family schedule, or you simply deserve some pampering, we are here for you!

For many people, a stress-free everyday life is just a distant vision, but when you arrive at Copenhagen Float, you will experience a feeling of calm and relaxation.

We strive to provide the best massage experience in the heart of Copenhagen, and we have done this by specializing in a number of treatments that aim to relieve the body from pain and the mind from worries.


Our massages are beneficial for both physical and mental well-being.

We have a broad range of experienced therapists who specialize in various areas including sports massage, deep-tissue, shiatsu, acupuncture,  holistic treatments, body therapists and more. With us you will never come in vain, as we offer something for every need.

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In good hands at Copenhagen Float

At Copenhagen Float you can feel perfectly safe – you are in such good hands with our therapists. The treatments always begin with a conversation, and we pay close attention to your needs and your body. We always take your injuries or other conditions into account during the massage treatment. We strive for you to have a great experience and for your body to be completely relaxed, before our therapist works more in depth with e.g. the body’s muscle tissue.

There are a multitude of benefits of massage. Whether you come to us for pain reduction, muscle restitution, improved circulation or simply to relax, we will ensure that you have a positive experience.  We are only satisfied when our clients are satisfied.

If you have any questions regarding our therapist or anything else, you are welcome to contact us today. We can be contacted via. the contact form or on 31310436. 

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We have extensive experience with

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Tailored for your needs

Your massage treatment with us is always based on you and your needs. Ensure to inform the therapist about where you want the most focus and/or what kind of massage you want. You decide for yourself how hard or soft the pressure should be, so you get the best possible benefit from the treatment. It is only the time allotted that determines how much the therapist can achieve. You can choose between a wide variety of massages and treatments with us, such as:

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The Athlete

A physiotherapy or sports massage session is for people who endure in hard, physical activities, focussing on specific areas that need attention and treatment. The massage loosens up lactic acid and waste products in the tense muscles and adds fresh oxygen to the muscle tissue for the benefit of the healing process. The massage helps to reduce recovery time and prevent injuries.

Wellness for gravide

Mama Massage

During pregnancy, the body is constantly exposed to physical and mental changes. Many experience pelvic pain, swelling in the legs and increased fatigue. Massaging ligaments and muscles increases blood flow and can relieve pain and tension. The massage also provides a deeper sense of calm, which is beneficial for both you and your child. Please write an email to us if you book a pregnancy massage, so we can prepare our special pregnancy massage bed.

Depression behandling

Deep relaxation and destressing

An in-depth relaxation massage is for you who either feels stressed or needs physical care.

By working through your body and loosening up tense muscles, blood flow is improved and muscle relaxation is increased.

The massage triggers a deep relaxation and helps to reduce stress levels as well as strengthening body awareness.


Get in touch

We know that floatation is relatively new in Denmark, and there are always new questions that haven’t been answered here on the website. In case you missed it, we have a lot of information about the benefits of floating and the research behind it.

You are always welcome to write to us if you have questions or special requests. 

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