Self-Care Experience for Two

Give each other the ultimate self-care experience and break from the noise of everyday life. We have created a dedicated space in which you can slow down, connect with yourself and one another and enjoy hours of unwinding together. We offer 2-person floating, 2-person sauna or the full package - a sauna & floating kombi. It's the perfect date or gift idea.

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Kombi for 2

The kombi for 2 people is the perfect way to hit the pause button and focus on being together in a calm and beautiful environment.  You will begin with a session in our infrared sauna – it’s the most brilliant way to ease muscle tension and let the stresses of everyday life melt away.

We will then show you into our spacious float room where you will spend 60 blissful minutes just being together in the water. When was the last time you tried that without phones, TV or children present? 

Our professional float masters will guide you through your each part of the treatment so that you feel comfortable and get the most out of your experience.

If you would prefer to float in 2 separate tanks, or if you can’t find a time that suits, please write to us at and we can make the booking for you. 

Floatation for 2

Our float room is perhaps the largest in Europe (we haven’t been able to find a bigger one yet!) It’s the perfect place to share a float with one another – you can stretch out completely without disturbing one another during the float. Enjoy the startlight ceiling for a moment, before switching off completely and letting the waves of calmness roll in. 

If you would prefer to float in 2 separate tanks, just let us know when booking!

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Couples Sauna Session

Step into the soothing warmth of our infrared sauna together. As you and your partner settle in, the gentle heat envelops you, easing away the stresses of the day.
The proven benefits of sauna, such as improved circulation, detoxification and the release of endorphins, work their magic as you unwind. Enjoy a tranquil moment together, basking in the ambiance and each other’s company. We promise you will feel calm and rejuvenated after a sauna session with us. 

Let us know if you would like to listen to one of our specially-prepared playlists to suit any mood. Read more about the benefits of sauna here and our sauna FAQ here.

Massage for 2

We are now offering 2 person massage on specific days. Massage treatments take place in 2 separate rooms at the same time. Contact us on if you would like to combine your massage with a float. Click here to check available times.


Get in touch

We know that floatation is relatively new in Denmark, and there are always new questions that haven’t been answered here on the website. In case you missed it, we have a lot of information about the benefits of floating and the research behind it.

You are always welcome to write to us if you have questions or special requests. 

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