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The psychological concept of “flow” was first identified by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in 1975. He defined it as an optimal experience and the total involvement in life. When in flow, you are able to bring intention, energy, and skills to the present moment, that not only bring everyday happiness, but also influence the future and help fulfill your potential.

Research shows that when in flow state, people are happier, more fulfilled and 500% more productive. This is the reason it has received such attention from high-achievers everywhere from top business people to professional athletes.

Going with the flow?

Flow is not “going with the flow” and passively moving in whatever direction life takes you. Flow is taking control and ownership for the you want your life to go in. This inner order and control releases you of conflicting desires and enable you to fully focus your mental energy on the goals that matter most to you, rather than unnecessarily wasting it on worry, fear, anger or doubt.

In the Zone

Flow can be experienced in 2 ways: flow experiences and unified flow.

In flow experiences you lose your sense of self, worries disappear, and time slows down. People often describe themselves as “being in the zone”. These are important because they add pleasure to the present moment, build confidence and develop skills.

Unified flow is when “an important goal is pursued with resolution” according to Csikszentmihalyi. For example, if you have a bigger challenging goal that will perhaps take longer to reach, all the smaller goals in your life will align to ensure that you are moving towards the bigger long-term goal. All actions and feelings will be in harmony. This actually gives meaning to one’s entire life.

How can I find my flow?

We’ve had the pleasure of working together with psychologist and flow expert Sarah Gregg. She has spent years studying flow and happiness, and has done us all a huge favour by writing the book “Find Your Flow”. She has taken all the existing science and research about flow, and created an innovative journalling method that is easy to understand and to implement in your every day life.

As soon as we starting reading her book, we realized that this could be something our float community would be interested in too! We promise this is not a sponsored post…we just love this method. Boo and I have been using the method for 1 month now, and it has transformed so many aspects of every day life as well as our business.

Float cards coming soon!

Sarah, Boo and I put our heads together and let me tell you, we were in flow! We combined Sarah’s knowledge of flow state, psychology, happiness and coaching techniques with our knowledge of floating, to create a beautiful collection of “float cards”.

The cards are designed to offer practical exercises and guidelines to help you get the most out of your time in the tank, and will be on offer from this September. You will get to choose a card before your float, set an intention, and then reflect on your experience afterwards. You can use this card of a reminder of previous experiences and choose a different card depending on the day.

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