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Shelley Livingstone

Shelley Livingstone

Co-founder of Copenhagen Float

Look after your ears

During and after your float!

We have tested all kinds of ear plugs, but we ended up investing in some fantastic silicone ear plugs used by professional swimmers. When inserted properly, they create a completely water-tight seal that should stay nice and snug throughout your float. 

If they do fall out or become loose, not to worry, we have prepared a guide to help you rinse your ears.

Use our professional silicone ear plugs

Salt water is not dangerous, but it will crystallize

Remember that there is 550kg of epsom salt in our 1-person float tanks – that’s a lot of salt! If there is a tiny amount of water in your ear after the float, it will crystallize overnight and you may experience a crunchy/crackling sensation the following day. 

Tips for removing salt from your ears

Method 1:

Rinse your ears with warm water in the shower. Try to move your head around so that the warm water can dissolve the salt. Repeat each time you are in the shower.

Method 2: 

Mix a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water. Put a few drops into one ear at a time. Lie on your side and give the solution a minute to do its work. The vinegar will dissolve the salt. Rinse with warm water.  

Don’t let salty ears put you off floating. It doesn’t happen very often, and it’s easy to solve when it does! 

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