Sensory Overload

Hey there. I am Shelley, one of the founders of Copenhagen float. I have been working as an audio engineer for the past 12 years…tuning the sound of loudspeakers, recording music, listening to the same sounds over and over again until they sound just right. Making micro-decisions all day long based on what entered my brain via my ear holes. Guess what? That is really tiring work…for your ears, your eyes and your brain! 

About 6 years ago, I was working long days in Shanghai. I became exhausted with the noise…at work, at home, on the commute. I was suffering from sensory overload. A friend recommended I try floating (or sensory deprivation) and I was delighted to find one in Shanghai, not so far from my office.

My first float was really special. I immediately felt relaxed the moment I entered the spa, and when I closed the door and lay down in the salt water, I was in the right place! The first moment of stillness I had experienced in literally months.

I let go completely and my mind shut off. I reached a state where I had no idea of time and space. No attachment to anything, no demands to meet, no place to be, no sense of where I was. Sometimes I had the sensation that I was falling or drifting, and towards the end of the float, my brain started to create monochrome patterns.

Walking home through the busy back streets after my float, the world was as chaotic as usual, but I just wasn’t bothered by it any more. I felt like I was watching the world go by on a movie screen, and at the same time, my senses were heightened. The air was warm but there was a breeze. The tension had released from my tired back and neck, I couldn’t believe how loose I felt. Needless to say, I slept like a baby that night. The floaty feeling lasted for several days.

Not everyone has a first float so magnificent they have to open a float centre of their own, and not all of my floats have been quite so magical. I think the more you need it, the more you will get from your float experience. If your body is tired and your mind overworked, you will feel a huge difference after floating.

These days my mind and body are in much better shape, so I don’t experience such a dramatic sensation for several days, but I DO notice it if I don’t float for several weeks in a row. It is really fantastic to treat yourself to a proper break from all sensory input.

If you work in a field that requires analytical or strategic thinking, where the cognitive load is constant and thousands of decisions have to made all day long, I can strongly recommend trying floating. Give your overactive brain a REST for once!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have more than 5 tabs open right now?
  2. Do you sit in front of a computer in order to earn money?
  3. Is your job to optimize something over and over?
  4. Is concentrated looking and listening required to complete tasks in your job?
  5. Do you suffer from decision fatigue or brain fog?

If you’ve answered yes, then use the code “OVERLOAD25” to get 25% discount off your first float. Yes that’s you…programmers, designers, engineers, analysts, producers, video editors, DJs, project managers, digital marketeers, scientists, architects and entrepreneurs!