The Benefits of Floating

Floating, floatation, sensory deprivation, REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy)

What can floating do for your physical and mental well-being?

Benefits of floating

Floatation therapy (or R.E.S.T. “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy”) helps to rebalance your nervous system, which has a huge number of benefits for body and mind. Being completely weightless allows your body to relax fully, and muscle tension is released as you lie in the water. Read on to learn about the benefits of floating. 

It has been scientifically-proven to be an effective form of pain relief, to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and to help with various kinds of sleeping disorders.  

Floating is also a powerful tool for self-development, healing and meditation. 

meditation benefits of floating

Relaxation & meditation

The unique and calm environment in our float tanks creates an outstanding space for focused, undisturbed meditation. Meditation and deep relaxation improves both your mental and physical strength and health.

Styrk dit helbred Improve your health

Muscle recovery

The Epsom salt (Magnesium sulfat) in our tanks are an important factor when talking about muscles and nerves in our body. The nourishing Epsom salt helps cleanse your body of toxins as well as relive muscle tensions.

improve sleep quality forbedre søvn søvnbesvær

Improved sleep

Floating makes your mind and body relax very deeply, leading you to a dream-like state. Regular floating will most likely have a positive impact on your sleeping patterns.

Stress behandling treatment reduce stress benefits of floating

Reduced stress

When stressed, the body automatically reduces its’ magnesium levels while simultaneously increasing stress hormones. Floating in Epsom salt filled water will help you get your regular level of magnesium back on track. Also, the undisturbed environment will help your body and brain relax – giving yourself a true break from the daily humdrum.

Mental sundhed mental health benefits of floating

Boosted creativity

Several studies have proven how floatation therapy have positive impacts and enhances our cognitive powers, why our creativity is improved when floating regularly. 

fordele ved floating

Strengthened immune system

When in a relaxed and stress-free stage, the body is able to make optimal use of the energy on the important defense mechanisms that help keep you healthy and well.

Depression behandling

Helps to battle depression

Floating therapy triggers a deep form of relaxation in the mind by eliminating all sensory impressions. When all stimuli are reduced, the brain has room to find peace and control the thought process.

afkobling af hjernen hos cph float

Sparked creativity & concentration

After 1 hour in a float tank, you will notice how your ability to maintain focus is optimized. Many top athletes and creative minds use floating therapy as a tool to improve concentration, new new ingenuity as well as a proactive mindset.

beroligende massage

Pain relief


Research on the Benefits of Floating

The effects of floatation therapy is continuously explored in various ways and with many different areas of focus. We regularly share the latest research here as the results of scientific studies are published.

What our guests have to say...

En fantastisk første oplevelse med floating! Manden i receptionen var meget imødekommende og gav klare og letforståelige instruktioner om, hvad man skulle gøre og hvordan man skulle forberede sig. Derudover var der et dejligt udvalg af snacks til sidst! Jeg kommer helt sikkert igen, når jeg er tilbage i København!
Literally, the best place to unwind. I’ve been stressed and tired from work, but I can say that I’ve been better since discovering Copenhagen Float. Floating at CPHFLOAT has relieved my muscle pains and reduced my stress levels!
Jeg havde den bedste massage i årevis!! Damen var super sød, og jeg havde den bedste tid. Jeg føler mig afslappet, men også “fikset”. Studiet er meget hyggeligt, og jeg elskede snacksene bagefter. Hele personalet var meget imødekommende og venligt. Anbefales 100%! 🙂
Dejlig anden oplevelse hos Copenhagen Float. Deres opmærksomhed på detaljer er fantastisk. De får dig til at føle dig afslappet og velkommen fra det øjeblik, du træder ind. Vi gjorde den ene times floatingsession, der føltes som at træde ind i en dyb meditativ tilstand, og jeg følte mig forfrisket og meget afslappet ved slutningen af det. Kan varmt anbefales!
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